Title 43

SECTION 3175.48

3175.48 Linear measurement devices.

§ 3175.48 Linear measurement devices.

A make, model, and size of linear measurement device listed at www.blm.gov is approved for use if it is installed, operated, and maintained in compliance with any conditions of use identified on www.blm.gov for that device. Approval of a particular make and model is obtained as follows:

(a) The linear measurement device must be tested at a qualified test facility not affiliated with the linear-measurement-device manufacturer;

(b) The operator or manufacturer must submit to the BLM all test data required by the PMT;

(c) The PMT will review the test data to ensure that the linear measurement device meets the requirements of § 3175.31(c) and (d) and make a recommendation to the BLM to either approve use of the device, disapprove use of the device, or approve its use with conditions; and

(d) If the linear measurement device is approved, the BLM will add the approved make and model, and any applicable conditions of use, to the list maintained at www.blm.gov.