Title 43

SECTION 3175.119

3175.119 Components to analyze.

§ 3175.119 Components to analyze.

(a) The gas must be analyzed for the following components:

(1) Methane;

(2) Ethane;

(3) Propane;

(4) Iso Butane;

(5) Normal Butane;

(6) Pentanes;

(7) Hexanes + (C6+);

(8) Carbon dioxide; and

(9) Nitrogen.

(b) When the concentration of C6+ exceeds 0.5 mole percent, the following gas components must also be analyzed:

(1) Hexanes;

(2) Heptanes;

(3) Octanes; and

(4) Nonanes +.

(c) In lieu of testing each sample for the components required under paragraph (b) of this section, the operator may periodically test for these components and adjust the assumed C6+ composition to remove bias in the heating value (see § 3175.126(a)(3)). The C6+ composition must be applied to the mole percent of C6+ analyses until the next analysis is done under paragraph (b) of this section. The minimum analysis frequency for the components listed in paragraph (b) of this section is as follows:

(1) For high-volume FMPs, once per year; and

(2) For very-high-volume FMPs, once every 6 months.