Title 43

SECTION 3174.9

3174.9 Coriolis measurement systems (CMS) - general requirements and components.

§ 3174.9 Coriolis measurement systems (CMS) - general requirements and components.

The following Coriolis measurement systems section is intended for Coriolis measurement applications independent of LACT measurement systems.

(a) A CMS must meet the requirements and minimum standards of this section, § 3174.4, and § 3174.10.

(b) The specific makes, models, and sizes of Coriolis meters and associated software that have been reviewed by the PMT, as provided in § 3174.13, approved by the BLM, and identified and described at www.blm.gov are approved for use.

(c) A CMS system must be proven at the frequency and under the requirements of § 3174.11 of this subpart.

(d) Measurement tickets must be completed under § 3174.12(b) of this subpart.

(e) A CMS at an FMP must be installed with the components listed in API 5.6 (incorporated by reference, see § 3174.3). Additional requirements are as follows:

(1) The pressure transducer must meet the requirements of § 3174.8(b)(5) of this subpart.

(2) Temperature determination must meet the requirements of § 3174.8(b)(6) of this subpart.

(3) If nonzero S&W content is to be used in determining net oil volume, the sampling system must meet the requirements of § 3174.8(b)(1) through (3) of this subpart. If no sampling system is used, or the sampling system does not meet the requirements of § 3174.8(b)(1) through (3) of this subpart, the S&W content must be reported as zero;

(4) Sufficient back pressure must be applied to ensure single phase flow through the meter.

(f) Determination of API oil gravity. The API oil gravity reported for the measurement ticket period must be determined by one of the following methods:

(1) Determined from a composite sample taken pursuant to § 3174.8(b)(1) through (3) of this subpart; or

(2) Calculated from the average density as measured by the CMS over the measurement ticket period under API 21.2, Subsection (incorporated by reference, see § 3174.3). Density must be corrected to base temperature and pressure using API 11.1 (incorporated by reference, see § 3174.3).

(g) Determination of net standard volume. Calculate the net standard volume at the close of each measurement ticket following the guidelines in API 12.2.1 and API 12.2.2 (both incorporated by reference, see § 3174.3).