Title 43

SECTION 3174.4

3174.4 Specific measurement performance requirements.

§ 3174.4 Specific measurement performance requirements.

(a) Volume measurement uncertainty levels. (1) The FMP must achieve the following overall uncertainty levels as calculated in accordance with statistical concepts described in API 13.1, the methodologies in API 13.3, and the quadrature sum (square root of the sum of the squares) method described in API 14.3.1, Subsection 12.3 (all incorporated by reference, see § 3174.3) or other methods approved under paragraph (d):

Table 1 to § 3174.4 - Volume Measurement Uncertainty Levels

If the averaging period
volume (see definition
43 CFR 3170.3) is:
The overall
uncertainty must be within:
1. Greater than or equal to 30,000 bbl/month ±0.50 percent.
2. Less than 30,000 bbl/month ±1.50 percent.

(2) Only a BLM State Director may grant an exception to the uncertainty levels prescribed in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, and only upon:

(i) A showing that meeting the required uncertainly level would involve extraordinary cost or unacceptable adverse environmental effects; and

(ii) Written concurrence of the PMT, prepared in coordination with the Deputy Director.

(b) Bias. The measuring equipment used for volume determinations must achieve measurement without statistically significant bias.

(c) Verifiability. All FMP equipment must be susceptible to independent verification by the BLM of the accuracy and validity of all inputs, factors, and equations that are used to determine quantity or quality. Verifiability includes the ability to independently recalculate volume and quality based on source records.

(d) Alternative equipment. The PMT will make a determination under § 3174.13 of this subpart regarding whether proposed alternative equipment or measurement procedures meet or exceed the objectives and intent of this section.