Title 43

SECTION 3173.8

3173.8 Report of theft or mishandling of production.

§ 3173.8 Report of theft or mishandling of production.

(a) No later than the next business day after discovery of an incident of apparent theft or mishandling of production, the operator, purchaser, or transporter must report the incident to the AO. All oral reports must be followed up with a written incident report within 10 business days of the oral report.

(b) The incident report must include the following information:

(1) Company name and name of the person reporting the incident;

(2) Lease, unit PA, or CA number, well or facility name and number, and FMP number, as appropriate;

(3) Land description of the facility location where the incident occurred;

(4) The estimated volume of production removed;

(5) The manner in which access was obtained to the production or how the mishandling occurred;

(6) The name of the person who discovered the incident;

(7) The date and time of the discovery of the incident; and

(8) Whether the incident was reported to local law enforcement agencies and/or company security.