Title 43

SECTION 3173.3

3173.3 Oil measurement system components - seals.

§ 3173.3 Oil measurement system components - seals.

(a) Components used for quantity or quality determination of oil must be effectively sealed to indicate tampering, including, but not limited to, the following components of LACT meters (see § 3174.8(a)) and CMSs (see § 3174.9(e)):

(1) Sample probe;

(2) Sampler volume control;

(3) All valves on lines entering or leaving the sample container, excluding the safety pop-off valve (if so equipped). Each valve must be sealed in the open or closed position, as appropriate;

(4) Meter assembly, including the counter head and meter head;

(5) Temperature averager;

(6) LACT meters or CMS;

(7) Back pressure valve pressure adjustment downstream of the meter;

(8) Any drain valves in the system;

(9) Manual-sampling valves (if so equipped);

(10) Valves on diverter lines larger than 1 inch in nominal diameter;

(11) Right-angle drive;

(12) Totalizer; and

(13) Prover connections.

(b) Each missing or ineffectively sealed component is a separate violation.