Title 43

SECTION 3173.27

3173.27 Termination of off-lease measurement approval.

§ 3173.27 Termination of off-lease measurement approval.

(a) The BLM may terminate off-lease measurement approval for any reason, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Changes in technology, regulation, or BLM policy; or

(2) Operator non-compliance with the terms or conditions of approval of the off-lease measurement approval or §§ 3173.22 through 3173.26.

(b) The BLM will notify the operator in writing of the effective date of the termination and any inconsistencies or deficiencies with its off-lease measurement approval that serve as the reason(s) for termination. The operator must correct any inconsistencies or deficiencies that the BLM identifies, provide any additional information the AO requests, or request an extension of time from the AO within 20 business days after receipt of the BLM's notice, or the off lease measurement approval terminates on the effective date.

(c) The operator may terminate the off-lease measurement by submitting a Sundry Notice to the BLM. The Sundry Notice must identify the new FMP(s) for the lease(s), unit(s), or CA(s) previously subject to the off-lease measurement approval.

(d) If off-lease measurement is terminated, each lease, unit PA, or CA that was subject to the off-lease measurement approval may require a new FMP number(s) or a new off-lease measurement approval. Operators will have 30 days to apply for a new FMP number or off-lease measurement approval, whichever is applicable. The existing FMP number may be used for production reporting until a new FMP number is assigned or off-lease measurement is approved.