Title 43

SECTION 3173.20

3173.20 Terminating a commingling and allocation approval.

§ 3173.20 Terminating a commingling and allocation approval.

(a) The AO may terminate a CAA for any reason, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Changes in technology, regulation, or BLM policy;

(2) Operator non-compliance with the terms or COAs of the CAA or this subpart; or

(3) The AO determines that a lease, unit, or CA subject to the CAA has terminated, or a unit PA subject to the CAA has ceased production.

(b) If only one lease, unit PA, or CA remains subject to the CAA, the CAA terminates automatically.

(c) An operator may terminate its participation in a CAA by submitting a Sundry Notice to the BLM. The Sundry Notice must identify the FMP(s) for the lease(s), unit PA(s), or CA(s) previously subject to the CAA. Termination by one operator does not mean the CAA terminates as to all other participating operators, so long as one of the other provisions of this subpart is met and the remaining operators submit a Sundry Notice requesting a new CAA as outlined in paragraph (e) of this section.

(d) The AO will notify in writing all operators who are a party to the CAA of the effective date of the termination and any inconsistencies or deficiencies with their CAA approval that serve as the reason(s) for termination. The operator must correct any inconsistencies or deficiencies that the AO identifies, provide the additional information that the AO has requested, or request an extension of time from the AO, within 20 business days after receipt of the BLM's notice, or the CAA is terminated.

(e) If a CAA is terminated, each lease, unit PA, or CA that was included in the CAA may require a new FMP number(s) or a new CAA. Operators will have 30 days to apply for a new FMP number (§ 3173.12) or CAA (§ 3173.15), if applicable. The existing FMP number may be used for production reporting until a new FMP number is assigned or CAA is approved.