Title 43

SECTION 3170.2

3170.2 Scope.

§ 3170.2 Scope.

The regulations in this part apply to:

(a) All Federal onshore and Indian oil and gas leases (other than those of the Osage Tribe);

(b) Indian Mineral Development Act (IMDA) agreements for oil and gas, unless specifically excluded in the agreement or unless the relevant provisions of the rule are inconsistent with the agreement;

(c) Leases and other business agreements for the development of tribal energy resources under a Tribal Energy Resource Agreement entered into with the Secretary, unless specifically excluded in the lease, other business agreement, or Tribal Energy Resource Agreement;

(d) State or private tracts committed to a federally approved unit or communitization agreement (CA) as defined by or established under 43 CFR subpart 3105 or 43 CFR part 3180; and

(e) All onshore facility measurement points where oil or gas produced from the leases or agreements identified earlier in this section is measured.