Title 43

SECTION 3163.5

3163.5 Assessments and civil penalties.

§ 3163.5 Assessments and civil penalties.

(a) Assessments made under § 3163.1 of this title are due upon issuance and shall be paid within 30 days of receipt of certified mail written notice or personal service, as directed by the authorized officer in the notice. Failure to pay assessed damages timely will be subject to late payment charges as prescribed under Title 30 CFR Group 202.

(b) Civil penalties under § 3163.2 of this title shall be paid within 30 days of completion of any final order of the Secretary or the final order of the Court.

(c) Payments made pursuant to this section shall not relieve the responsible party of compliance with the regulations in this part or from liability for waste or any other damage. A waiver of any particular assessment shall not be construed as precluding an assessment pursuant to § 3163.1 of this title for any other act of noncompliance occurring at the same time or at any other time. The amount of any civil penalty under § 3163.2 of this title, as finally determined, may be deducted from any sums owing by the United States to the person charged.

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