Title 43

SECTION 3162.4-2

3162.4-2 Samples, tests, and surveys.

§ 3162.4-2 Samples, tests, and surveys.

(a) During the drilling and completion of a well, the operator shall, when required by the authorized officer, conduct tests, run logs, and make other surveys reasonably necessary to determine the presence, quantity, and quality of oil, gas, other minerals, or the presence or quality of water; to determine the amount and/or direction of deviation of any well from the verticial; and to determine the relevant characteristics of the oil and gas reservoirs penetrated.

(b) After the well has been completed, the operator shall conduct periodic well tests which will demonstrate the quantity and quality of oil and gas and water. The method and frequency of such well tests will be specified in appropriate notices and orders. When needed, the operator shall conduct reasonable tests which will demonstrate the mechanical integrity of the downhole equipment.

(c) Results of samples, tests, and surveys approved or prescribed under this section shall be provided to the authorized officer without cost to the lessor.

[47 FR 47765, Oct. 27, 1982. Redesignated and amended at 48 FR 36583, Aug. 12, 1983, further amended at 53 FR 17363, May 16, 1988]