Title 43

SECTION 3162.2-1

3162.2-1 Drilling and producing obligations.

§ 3162.2-1 Drilling and producing obligations.

(a) The operator, at its election, may drill and produce other wells in conformity with any system of well spacing or production allotments affecting the field or area in which the leased lands are situated, and which is authorized and sanctioned by applicable law or by the authorized officer.

(b) After notice in writing, the lessee(s) and operating rights owner(s) shall promptly drill and produce such other wells as the authorized officer may reasonably require in order that the lease may be properly and timely developed and produced in accordance with good economic operating practices.

[66 FR 1892, Jan. 10, 2001. Redesignated at 66 FR 1892, Jan. 10, 2001; 66 FR 24073, May 11, 2001]