Title 43

SECTION 3161.2

3161.2 Responsibility of the authorized officer.

§ 3161.2 Responsibility of the authorized officer.

The authorized officer is authorized and directed to approve unitization, communitization, gas storage and other contractual agreements for Federal lands; to assess compensatory royalty; to approve suspensions of operations or production, or both; to issue NTL's: to approve and monitor other operator proposals for drilling, development or production of oil and gas; to perform administrative reviews; to impose monetary assessments or penalties; to provide technical information and advice relative to oil and gas development and operations on Federal and Indian lands; to enter into cooperative agreements with States, Federal agencies and Indian tribes relative to oil and gas development and operations; to approve, inspect and regulate the operations that are subject to the regulations in this part; to require compliance with lease terms, with the regulations in this title and all other applicable regulations promulgated under the cited laws; and to require that all operations be conducted in a manner which protects other natural resources and the environmental quality, protects life and property and results in the maximum ultimate recovery of oil and gas with minimum waste and with minimum adverse effect on the ultimate recovery of other mineral resources. The authorized officer may issue written or oral orders to govern specific lease operations. Any such oral orders shall be confirmed in writing by the authorized officer within 10 working days from issuance thereof. Before approving operations on leasehold, the authorized officer shall determine that the lease is in effect, that acceptable bond coverage has been provided and that the proposed plan of operations is sound both from a technical and environmental standpoint.

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