Title 43

SECTION 3150.1

3150.1 Suspension, revocation or cancellation.

§ 3150.1 Suspension, revocation or cancellation.

The right to conduct exploration under notices of intent and oil and gas geophysical exploration permits may be revoked or suspended, after notice, by the authorized officer and upon a final administrative finding of a violation of any term or condition of the instrument, including, but not limited to, terms and conditions requiring compliance with regulations issued under Acts applicable to the public lands and applicable State air and water quality standards or implementation plans. The Secretary may order an immediate temporary suspension of activities authorized under a permit or other use authorization prior to a hearing or final administrative finding if he/she determines that such a suspension is necessary to protect health or safety or the environment. Further, where other applicable law contains specific provisions for suspension, revocation, or cancellation of a permit or other authorization to use, occupy, or develop the public lands, the specific provisions of such law shall prevail.