Title 43

SECTION 3137.52

3137.52 How may I modify the unit agreement

§ 3137.52 How may I modify the unit agreement?

(a) You may modify a unit agreement if -

(1) All current parties to the unit agreement agree to the modification; or

(2) You meet the requirements of the modification provision in the unit agreement. The modification provision must identify which parties, and what percentage of those parties, must consent to each type of modification.

(b) You must submit to BLM an application for modification. The application must include the following -

(1) The operator must certify that the necessary parties have agreed to the modification; and

(2) If the unit agreement modification alters the current allocation schedule, you must submit to BLM both a -

(i) Description of the new allocation methodology; and

(ii) New allocation schedule.

(c) A modification is not effective unless BLM approves it. After BLM approves the modification, it is effective retroactively to the date you filed a complete application for modification. However, BLM may approve a different effective date if you request it and provide acceptable justification.

(d) BLM will reject modifications that do not comply with BLM regulations or applicable law.