Title 43

SECTION 3135.1-7

3135.1-7 Consolidation of leases.

§ 3135.1-7 Consolidation of leases.

(a) Leases may be consolidated upon written request of the lessee filed with the State Director Alaska, Bureau of Land Management. The request shall identify each lease involved by serial number and shall explain the factors which justify the consolidation. Include with each request for a consolidation of leases the processing fee found in the fee schedule in § 3000.12 of this chapter.

(b) All parties holding any undivided interest in any lease involved in the consolidation shall agree to enter into the same lease consolidation.

(c) Consolidation of leases not to exceed 60,000 acres may be approved by the State Director, Alaska if it is determined that the consolidation is justified.

(d) The effective date, the anniversary date, and the primary term of the consolidated lease will be those of the oldest original lease involved in the consolidation. The term of a consolidated lease may be extended, or renewed, as appropriate, beyond the primary lease term under § 3135.1-5 or § 3135.1-6.

(e) Royalty, rental, special lease stipulations and other terms and conditions of each original lease except the effective date, anniversary date and the primary term shall continue to apply to that lease or any portion thereof regardless of the lease becoming a part of a consolidated lease. The highest royalty and rental rates of the original leases shall apply to the consolidated lease.

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