Title 43

SECTION 3132.5

3132.5 Award of leases.

§ 3132.5 Award of leases.

(a) Sealed bids received in response to the notice of lease sale shall be opened at the place, date and hour specified in the notice of sale. The opening of bids is for the sole purpose of publicly announcing and recording the bids received. No bids shall be accepted or rejected at that time.

(b) The United States reserves the right to reject any and all bids received for any tract, regardless of the amount offered.

(c) In the event the highest bids are tie bids, the tying bidders shall be allowed to submit within 15 days of the public announcement of a tie bid additional sealed bids to break the tie. The additional bids shall include any additional amount necessary to bring the amount tendered with his/her bid to one-fifth of the additional bid. Additional bids to break tie bids shall be processed in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) If the authorized officer fails to accept the highest bid for a lease within 90 days or a lesser period of time as specified in the notice of sale, the highest bid for that lease shall be considered rejected. This 90-day period or lesser period as specified in the notice of sale shall not include any period of time during which acceptance, rejection or other processing of bids and lease issuance by the Department of the Interior are enjoined or prohibited by court order.

(e) Written notice of the final decision on the bids shall be transmitted to those bidders whose deposits have been held in accordance with instructions set forth in the notice of sale. If a bid is accepted, 2 copies of the lease shall be transmitted with the notice of acceptance to the successful bidder. The bidder shall, not later than the 15th day after receipt of the lease, sign both copies of the lease and return them, together with the first year's rental and the balance of the bonus bid, unless deferred, and shall file a bond, if required to do so. Deposits shall be refunded on rejected bids.

(f) If the successful bidder fails to execute the lease within the prescribed time or otherwise to comply with the applicable regulations, the deposit shall be forfeited and disposed of as other receipts under the Act.

(g) If the awarded lease is executed by an attorney-in-fact acting on behalf of the bidder, the lease shall be accompanied by evidence that the bidder authorized the attorney-in-fact to execute the lease on his/her behalf. Reference may be made to the serial number of the record and the office of the Bureau of Land Management in which such evidence has already been filed.

(h) When the executed lease is returned to the authorized officer, he/she shall within 15 days of receipt of the material required by paragraph (e) of this section, execute the lease on behalf of the United States. A copy of the fully executed lease shall be transmitted to the lessee.