Title 43

SECTION 3120.5-3

3120.5-3 Award of lease.

§ 3120.5-3 Award of lease.

(a) A bid shall not be withdrawn and shall constitute a legally binding commitment to execute the lease bid form and accept a lease, including the obligation to pay the bonus bid, first year's rental, and administrative fee. Execution by the high bidder of a competitive lease bid form approved by the Director constitutes certification of compliance with subpart 3102 of this title, shall constitute a binding lease offer, including all terms and conditions applicable thereto, and shall be required when payment is made in accordance with § 3120.5-2(b) of this title. Failure to comply with § 3120.5-2(c) of this title shall result in rejection of the bid and forfeiture of the monies submitted under § 3120.5-2(b) of this title.

(b) A lease shall be awarded to the highest responsible qualified bidder. A copy of the lease shall be provided to the lessee after signature by the authorized officer.

(c) If a bid is rejected, the land shall be reoffered competitively under this subpart with any noncompetitive offer filed under § 3110.1(a) of this title retaining priority, provided no bid is received in an oral or internet-based auction.

(d) Issuance of the lease shall be consistent with § 3110.7 (a) and (b) of this title.

[53 FR 22843, June 17, 1988, as amended at 81 FR 59906, Aug. 31, 2016]