Title 43

SECTION 3120.5-1

3120.5-1 Oral or Internet-based auction.

§ 3120.5-1 Oral or Internet-based auction.

(a) Parcels shall be offered by oral or internet-based bidding. The existence of a nomination accompanied by the national minimum acceptable bid shall be announced at the auction for the parcel.

(b) A winning bid shall be the highest oral or internet-based bid by a qualified bidder, equal to or exceeding the national minimum acceptable bid. The decision of the auctioneer shall be final.

(c) Two or more nominations on the same parcel when the bids are equal to the national minimum acceptable bid, with no higher oral or internet-based bid being made, shall be returned with all moneys refunded. If the Bureau reoffers the parcel, it shall be reoffered only competitively under this subpart with any noncompetitive offer filed under § 3110.1(a) of this title retaining priority, provided no bid is received at an oral or internet-based auction.

[53 FR 22843, June 17, 1988,, as amended at 81 FR 59905, Aug. 31, 2016]