Title 43

SECTION 3120.1-1

3120.1-1 Lands available for competitive leasing.

§ 3120.1-1 Lands available for competitive leasing.

All lands available for leasing shall be offered for competitive bidding under this subpart, including but not limited to:

(a) Lands in oil and gas leases that have terminated, expired, been cancelled or relinquished.

(b) Lands for which authority to lease has been delegated from the General Services Administration.

(c) If, in proceeding to cancel a lease, interest in a lease, option to acquire a lease or an interest therein, acquired in violation of any of the provisions of the act, an underlying lease, interest or option in the lease is cancelled or forfeited to the United States and there are valid interests therein that are not subject to cancellation, forfeiture, or compulsory disposition, such underlying lease, interest, or option shall be sold to the highest responsible qualified bidder by competitive bidding under this subpart, subject to all outstanding valid interests therein and valid options pertaining thereto. If less than the whole interest in the lease, interest, or option is cancelled or forfeited, such partial interest shall likewise be sold by competitive bidding. If no satisfactory bid is obtained as a result of the competitive offering of such whole or partial interests, such interests may be sold in accordance with section 27 of the Act by such other methods as the authorized officer deems appropriate, but on terms no less favorable to the United States than those of the best competitive bid received. Interest in outstanding leases(s) so sold shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the existing lease(s).

(d) Lands which are otherwise unavailable for leasing but which are subject to drainage (protective leasing).

(e) Lands included in any expression of interest or noncompetitive offer, except offers properly filed within the 2-year period provided under § 3110.1(b) of this title, submitted to the authorized officer.

(f) Lands selected by the authorized officer.