Title 43

SECTION 3110.8

3110.8 Amendment to lease.

§ 3110.8 Amendment to lease.

After the competitive process has concluded in accordance with subpart 3120 of this title, if any of the lands described in a lease offer for lands available during the 2-year period are open to oil and gas filing when the offer is filed but are omitted from the lease for any reason the original lease shall be amended to include the omitted lands unless, before the issuance of the amendment, the proper BLM office receives a withdrawal of the offer with respect to such lands or the offeror elects to receive a separate lease in lieu of an amendment. Such election shall be made by submission of a signed statement of the offeror requesting a separate lease, and a new offer on the required form executed pursuant to this part describing the remaining lands in the original offer. The new offer shall have the same priority as the old offer. No new application fee is required with the new offer. The rental payment held in connection with the original offer shall be applied to the new offer. The rental and the term of the lease for the lands added by an amendment shall be the same as if the lands had been included in the original lease when it was issued. If a separate lease is issued, it shall be dated in accordance with § 3110.3-2 of this title.