Title 43

SECTION 3108.1

3108.1 As a lessee, may I relinquish my lease

§ 3108.1 As a lessee, may I relinquish my lease?

You may relinquish your lease or any legal subdivision of your lease at any time. You must file a written relinquishment with the BLM State Office with jurisdiction over your lease. All lessees holding record title interests in the lease must sign the relinquishment. A relinquishment takes effect on the date you file it with BLM. However, you and the party that issued the bond will continue to be obligated to:

(a) Make payments of all accrued rentals and royalties, including payments of compensatory royalty due for all drainage that occurred before the relinquishments;

(b) Place all wells to be relinquished in condition for suspension or abandonment as BLM requires; and

(c) Complete reclamation of the leased sites after stopping or abandoning oil and gas operations on the lease, under a plan approved by the appropriate surface management agency.

[66 FR 1892, Jan. 10, 2001]