Title 43

SECTION 3107.8-3

3107.8-3 Approval.

§ 3107.8-3 Approval.

(a) Copies of the renewal lease, in triplicate, dated the first day of the month following the month in which the original lease terminated, shall be forwarded to the lessee for execution. Upon receipt of the executed lease forms, which constitutes certification of compliance with § 3102.5 of this title, and any required bond, the authorized officer shall execute the lease and deliver 1 copy to the lessee.

(b) If overriding royalties and payments out of production or similar interests in excess of 5 percent of gross production constitute a burden to lease operations that will retard, or impair, or cause premature abandonment, the lease application shall be suspended until overriding royalties and payments out of production or similar interests are reduced to not more then 5 percent of the value of the production. If the holders of outstanding overriding royalty or other interests payable out of production, the operator and the lessee are unable to enter into a mutually fair and equitable agreement, any of the parties may apply for a hearing at which all interested parties may be heard and written statements presented. Thereupon, a final decision will be rendered by the Department, outlining the conditions acceptable to it as a basis for a fair and reasonable adjustment of the excessive overriding royalties and other payments out of production and an opportunity shall be afforded within a fixed period of time to submit proof that such adjustment has been effected. Upon failure to submit such proof within the time so fixed, the application for renewal shall be denied.

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