Title 43

SECTION 3107.8-1

3107.8-1 Requirements.

§ 3107.8-1 Requirements.

(a) Twenty year leases and renewals thereof may be renewed for successive terms of 10 years. Any application for renewal of a lease shall be made by the lessee, and may be joined in or consented to by the operator. The application shall show whether all monies due the United States have been paid and whether operations under the lease have been conducted in compliance with the applicable regulations.

(b) The applicant or his/her operator shall furnish, in triplicate, with the application for renewal, copies of all agreements not theretofore filed providing for overriding royalties or other payments out of production from the lease which will be in existence as of the date of its expiration.

[48 FR 33662, July 22, 1983, as amended at 53 FR 22840, June 17, 1988]