Title 43

SECTION 3106.4-3

3106.4-3 Mass transfers.

§ 3106.4-3 Mass transfers.

(a) A mass transfer may be utilized in lieu of the provisions of §§ 3106.4-1 and 3106.4-2 of this title when a transferor transfers interests of any type in a large number of Federal leases to the same transferee.

(b) Three originally executed copies of the mass transfer shall be filed with each proper BLM office administering any lease affected by the mass transfer. The transfer shall be on a current form approved by the Director or an exact reproduction of both sides thereof, with an exhibit attached to each copy listing the following for each lease:

(1) The serial number;

(2) The type and percent of interest being conveyed; and

(3) A description of the lands affected by the transfer in accordance with § 3106.5 of this title.

(c) One reproduced copy of the form required by paragraph (b) of this section shall be filed with the proper BLM office for each lease involved in the mass transfer. A copy of the exhibit for each lease may be limited to line items pertaining to individual leases as long as that line item includes the information required by paragraph (b) of this section.

(d) Include with your mass transfer the processing fee for assignments and transfers found in the fee schedule in § 3000.12 of this chapter for each such interest transferred for each lease.

[53 FR 17355, May 16, 1988, as amended at 70 FR 58874, Oct. 7, 2005]