Title 43

SECTION 3103.2-1

3103.2-1 Rental requirements.

§ 3103.2-1 Rental requirements.

(a) Each competitive bid or competitive nomination submitted in response to a List of Lands Available for Competitive Nominations or Notice of Competitive Lease Sale, and each noncompetitive lease offer shall be accompanied by full payment of the first year's rental based on the total acreage, if known, and, if not known, shall be based on 40 acres for each smallest legal subdivision. An offer deficient in the first year's rental by not more than 10 percent or $200, whichever is less, shall be accepted by the authorized officer provided all other requirements are met. Rental submitted shall be determined based on the total amount remitted less all required fees. The additional rental shall be paid within 30 days from notice of the deficiency under penalty of cancellation of the lease.

(b) If the acreage is incorrectly indicated in a List of Lands Available for Competitive Nominations or a Notice of Competitive Lease Sale, payment of the rental based on the error is curable within 15 calendar days of receipt of notice from the authorized officer of the error.

(c) Rental shall not be prorated for any lands in which the United States owns an undivided fractional interest but shall be payable for the full acreage in such lands.

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