Title 43

SECTION 3103.1-2

3103.1-2 Where submitted.

§ 3103.1-2 Where submitted.

(a)(1) All fees for lease applications or offers or for requests for approval of a transfer and all first-year rentals and bonuses for leases issued under Group 3100 of this title shall be paid to the proper BLM office.

(2) All second-year and subsequent rentals, except for leases specified in paragraph (b) of this section, shall be paid to the Service at the following address: Minerals Management Service, Royalty Management Program/BRASS, Box 5640 T.A., Denver, CO 80217.

(b) All rentals and royalties on producing leases, communitized leases in producing well units, unitized leases in producing unit areas, leases on which compensatory royalty is payable and all payments under subsurface storage agreements and easements for directional drilling shall be paid to the Service.

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