Title 43

SECTION 2916.1-2

2916.1-2 Rights reserved; protection of improvements and roads.

§ 2916.1-2 Rights reserved; protection of improvements and roads.

Nothing in this part or any lease issued under this part shall interfere with or prevent:

(a) The prospecting, locating, development, entering, leasing, or patenting of mineral resources in the leased area under laws applicable thereto.

(b) The use and disposal of timber or other resources on or in the leased area under applicable laws.

(c) The use and occupation of parts of leased areas for the taking, preparing, manufacturing, or storing of fish or fish products, or the utilization of the lands for purposes of trade or business, to the extent and in the manner provided by law, and as authorized by the State Director.

(d) The acquisition or granting of rights-of-way or easements under applicable laws and regulations.

(e) Hunting and fishing under applicable Federal and State hunting and fishing laws and regulations, but the authorized officer may prohibit or restrict, or he may authorize the lessee to prohibit or restrict hunting or fishing on such parts of the leased area and for such periods as he may determine to be necessary in order to prevent any substantial interference with the purposes for which the lease is issued.