Title 43

SECTION 2887.12

2887.12 How do I renew my grant

§ 2887.12 How do I renew my grant?

(a) You must apply to BLM to renew the grant at least 120 calendar days before your grant expires. BLM will renew the grant if the pipeline is being operated and maintained in accordance with the grant, these regulations, and the Act. If your grant has expired or terminated, you must apply for a new grant under subpart 2884 of this part.

(b) BLM may modify the terms and conditions of the grant at the time of renewal, and you must pay the processing fees (see § 2884.12 of this part) in advance.

(c) The time and conditions for processing applications for rights-of-way, as described at § 2884.21 of this part, apply to applications for renewals.

(d) If you make a timely and sufficient application for a renewal of your existing grant or for a new grant in accordance with this section, the existing grant does not expire until we have issued a decision to approve or deny the application.

(e) If we deny your application, you may appeal the decision under § 2881.10.

[70 FR 21078, Apr. 22, 2005, as amended at 81 FR 92230, Dec. 19, 2016]