Title 43

SECTION 2885.13

2885.13 What rights does the United States retain

§ 2885.13 What rights does the United States retain?

The United States retains and may exercise any rights the grant or TUP does not expressly convey to you. These include the United States' right to:

(a) Access the lands covered by the grant or TUP at any time and enter any facility you construct on the right-of-way or TUP area. BLM will give you reasonable notice before it enters any facility on the right-of-way or TUP area;

(b) Require common use of your right-of-way or TUP area, including subsurface and air space, and authorize use of the right-of-way or TUP area for compatible uses. You may not charge for the use of the lands made subject to such additional right-of-way grants;

(c) Retain ownership of the resources of the land covered by the grant or TUP, including timber and vegetative or mineral materials and any other living or non-living resources. You have no right to use these resources, except as noted in § 2885.12 of this subpart;

(d) Determine whether or not your grant is renewable; and

(e) Change the terms and conditions of your grant or TUP as a result of changes in legislation, regulation, or as otherwise necessary to protect public health or safety or the environment.