Title 43

SECTION 2884.21

2884.21 How will BLM process my application

§ 2884.21 How will BLM process my application?

(a) BLM will notify you in writing when it receives your application and will identify your processing fee described at § 2884.12 of this subpart.

(b) The BLM will not process your application if you have any trespass action pending against you for any activity on BLM-administered lands (see § 2888.11) or have any unpaid debts owed to the Federal Government. The only applications the BLM would process are those to resolve the trespass with a right-of-way as authorized in this part, or a lease or permit under the regulations found at 43 CFR part 2920, but only after outstanding debts are paid. Outstanding debts are those currently unpaid debts owed to the Federal Government after all administrative collection actions have occurred, including any appeal proceedings under applicable Federal regulations and the Administrative Procedure Act.

(c) Customer service standard. BLM will process your completed application as follows:

Processing category Processing time Conditions
1-4 60 calendar days If processing your application will take longer than 60 calendar days, BLM will notify you in writing of this fact prior to the 30th calendar day and inform you of when you can expect a final decision on your application.
5 As specified in the Master Agreement BLM will process applications as specified in the Agreement.
6 Over 60 calendar days BLM will notify you in writing within the initial 60 day processing period of the estimated processing time.

(d) Before issuing a grant or TUP, BLM will:

(1) Complete a NEPA analysis for the application or approve a NEPA analysis previously completed for the application, as required by 40 CFR parts 1500 through 1508;

(2) Determine whether or not your proposed use complies with applicable Federal and state laws, regulations, and local ordinances;

(3) Consult, as necessary, with other governmental entities;

(4) Hold public meetings, if sufficient public interest exists to warrant their time and expense. The BLM will publish a notice in the Federal Register and may use other methods, such as a newspaper of general circulation in the vicinity of the lands involved or the Internet, to announce in advance any public hearings or meetings; and

(5) Take any other action necessary to fully evaluate and decide whether to approve or deny your application.

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