Title 43

SECTION 2742.4

2742.4 Conveyance limitations.

§ 2742.4 Conveyance limitations.

(a) No conveyances shall be made under this section until the relevant State government, local government, and areawide planning agency have notified the Secretary as to the consistency of such conveyance with applicable State and local government land use plans and programs.

(b) At least 60 days prior to offering for sale or otherwise conveying public lands under this section, the Secretary shall notify the Governor of the State within which such lands are located and the head of the governing body of any political subdivision of the State having zoning or other land-use regulatory jurisdiction in the geographical area within which such lands are located in order to afford the appropriate body the opportunity to zone or otherwise regulate change or amend existing zoning or other regulations concerning the use of such lands prior to such conveyance.

(c) Conveyances under this section may be made without regard to acreage limitations contained in the Recreation and Public Purposes Act.