Title 43

SECTION 2741.9

2741.9 Patent provisions.

§ 2741.9 Patent provisions.

(a) All patents under the act shall provide that title shall revert upon a finding, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, that, without the approval of the authorized officer:

(1) The patentee or its approved successor attempts to transfer title to or control over the lands to another;

(2) The lands have been devoted to a use other than that for which the lands were conveyed;

(3) The lands have not been used for the purpose for which they were conveyed for a 5-year period; or

(4) The patentee has failed to follow the approved development plan or management plan.

(b) Patents shall also provide that the Secretary of the Interior may take action to revest title in the United States if the patentee directly or indirectly permits his agents, employees, contractors, or subcontractors (including without limitation lessees, sublessees, and permittees) to prohibit or restrict the use of any part of the patented lands or any of the facilities thereon by any person because of such person's race, creed, color, sex or national origin.

[44 FR 43472, July 25, 1979. Redesignated at 50 FR 50300, Dec. 10, 1985]