Title 43

SECTION 2741.4

2741.4 Applications.

§ 2741.4 Applications.

(a) Applications shall be submitted on forms approved by the Director, Bureau of Land Management.

(b) Each application shall be accompanied by three copies of a statement describing the proposed use of the land. The statement shall show that there is an established or definitely proposed project for such use of the land, present detailed plan and schedule for development of the project and a management plan which includes a description of how any revenues will be used. The provisions of § 1821.2 of this title apply to filings pursuant to this section.

(c) Each application shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable filing fee of $100. The filing fee shall be required for new applications as well as for applications for change of use or transfer of title filed under § 2741.6 of this title.

[44 FR 43472, July 25, 1979. Redesignated and amended at 50 FR 50300, Dec. 10, 1985]