Title 43

SECTION 2720.1-2

2720.1-2 Form of application.

§ 2720.1-2 Form of application.

(a) An application shall be filed with the proper BLM Office as listed in § 1821.2-1(d) of this title.

(b) No specific form is required.

(c) A non-refundable fee of $50 shall accompany the application.

(d) Each application shall include:

(1) The name, legal mailing address, and telephone number of the existing or prospective record owner of the land included in the application;

(2) Proof of ownership of the land included in the application, and in the case of a prospective record owner, a copy of the contract of conveyance or a statement describing the method by which he will become the owner of record;

(3) In the case of non-Federal ownership of the surface, a certified copy of any patent or other instrument conveying the land included in the application and a showing of ownership in the applicant, with supporting survey evidence acceptable to the authorized officer, which may consist of a metes and bounds survey prepared and certified by a civil engineer or land surveyor licensed under the laws of the State in which the lands are located; and

(4) As complete a statement as possible concerning (i) the nature of federally-reserved or owned mineral values in the land, including explanatory information, (ii) the existing and proposed uses of the land, (iii) why the reservation of the mineral interests in the United States is interfering with or precluding appropriate non-mineral development of the land covered by the application (iv) how and why such development would be a more beneficial use of the land than its mineral development, and (v) a showing that the proposed use complies or will comply with State and local zoning and/or planning requirements.

[44 FR 1342, Jan. 4, 1979, as amended at 51 FR 9658, Mar. 20, 1986]