Title 43

SECTION 2641.2

2641.2 Action on request.

§ 2641.2 Action on request.

(a) Upon receipt of the request from the Administrator, the authorized officer shall determine whether the requested conveyance is inconsistent with the needs of the Department of the Interior, or any agency thereof, and shall notify the Administrator of the determination within 4 months after receipt of the request. On determining that the conveyance is not inconsistent with the needs of the Department of the Interior, the authorized officer also shall determine what, if any, convenants, terms, conditions and reservations should be included in the conveyance, if made. Any conveyance shall be made subject to valid existing rights of record, and to those disclosed as a result of publication or otherwise.

(b) Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, no conveyance shall be made of Federal lands within any national park, national monument, national recreation area, or similar area under the administration of the National Park Service; within any unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System or similar area under the jurisdiction of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service; within any area designated part of the National Wilderness Preservation System or any area designated as a wilderness study area; or within any national forest or Indian reservation.

(c) The applicant shall, upon request by the authorized officer, submit a deposit in an amount determined by the authorized officer, to cover the administrative costs of processing the application, including the cost of survey, if one is necessary, and issuing of a document of conveyance. No document of conveyance shall be issued for unsurveyed lands. The processing of applications under this part shall be accomplished without any expense to the Bureau of Land Management.

(d) Each applicant also shall pay the cost of publication of a notice in the Federal Register and in a newspaper of general circulation in the area in which the lands are located.