Title 43

SECTION 2625.1

2625.1 Selection and patenting of swamp lands.

§ 2625.1 Selection and patenting of swamp lands.

(a) All lands properly selected and reported to the Bureau of Land Management as swamp will be compared with the records of the said office, and lists of such lands as are shown to be swamp or overflowed, within the meaning of the Acts of March 2, 1849, and September 28, 1850 (9 Stat. 352, 519), and that are otherwise free from conflict will be made out by such office and approved.

(b) When the lists have been approved a copy of each list will be transmitted to the governor of the State, with the statement that on receipt of his request patent will issue to the State for the lands. A copy of each list also will be transmitted to the authorizing officer of the proper office for the district in which the lands are situated, and he will be requested to examine the same with the records of his office and report any conflicts found.

(c) Upon receipt of a request from the governor for patent, and a report from the authorizing officer as to status, patents will issue to the State for all the lands embraced in said lists so far as they are free from conflict.

(d) Under the provisions of the Act of March 2, 1849, granting swamp lands to the State of Louisiana, a certified copy of the list approved by the Director, transmitted to the Governor, has the force and effect of a patent.