Title 43

SECTION 2622.0-1

2622.0-1 Purpose and scope.

§ 2622.0-1 Purpose and scope.

(a) Sections 2622.0-1 to 2622.0-8 apply generally to quantity and special grants made to States other than Alaska.

(b) The regulations in §§ 2621.2 to 2621.4 apply to quantity and special grants with the following exceptions and modifications:

(1) Sections 2621.4(b) and 2621.2(c)(4); and §§ 2621.2(d) (3) and (4) and all references to base lands and to mineral estate do not apply.

(2) Section 2621.2(c)(1) is modified to require reference to the appropriate granting act; § 2621.2(c)(3) is modified to require a statement testifying to the nonmineral character of each smallest legal subdivision of the selected land; § 2621.2(d)(2) is modified to permit as much as 6,400 acres in a single selection; and § 2621.2 is modified to require a certificate that the selection and those pending, together with those approved, do not exceed the total amount granted for the stated purpose of the grant.

[35 FR 9608, June 13, 1970]