Title 43

SECTION 2612.3

2612.3 Issuance of patents.

§ 2612.3 Issuance of patents.

Upon the receipt of proof of publication such action shall be taken in each case as the showing may require, and all tracts that are free from valid protest, and respecting which the law and regulations and grant contract have been complied with, shall be patented to the State, or to its assignees if the lands have been settled and cultivated. If patent issues to the State, it is the responsibility of the State to assure that the lands are cultivated and settled. If the State does not dispose of the patented lands within 5 years to actual settlers who have cultivated at least 20 acres of each 160 acre tract, or if the State disposes of the patented lands to any person who is not an actual settler or has not cultivated 20 acres of the 160 acre tract, action may be taken to revest title in the United States.