Title 43

SECTION 2612.1

2612.1 Lists for patents.

§ 2612.1 Lists for patents.

When patents are desired for any lands that have been segregated, the State shall file in the BLM State Office a list of lands to be patented, with a certificate of the presiding officer of the State land board, or other officer of the State who may be charged with the duty of disposing of the lands which the State may obtain under the law, that the lands have been reclaimed according to the plan of development, so that a permanent supply of water has been made available for each tract in the list, sufficient to thoroughly reclaim each 160-acre tract for the raising of ordinary agricultural crops. If patents are to be issued directly to assignees, the list shall include their names, the particular lands each claims, and a certification by the State that each is an actual settler and has cultivated at least 20 acres of each 160-acre tract. If there are portions which cannot be reclaimed, the nature, extent, location, and area of such portions should be fully stated. If less than 5 acres of a smallest legal subdivision can be reclaimed and the subdivision is not essential for the reclamation, cultivation, or settlement of the lands; such legal subdivision must be relinquished, and shall be restored to the public domain as provided in a notice published in the Federal Register.