Title 43

SECTION 2611.1-3

2611.1-3 Application for grant contract.

§ 2611.1-3 Application for grant contract.

If it is determined that lands are suitable and available for agricultural development under the Carey Act, the State shall submit the following, in duplicate, to the appropriate Bureau of Land Management office (43 CFR part 1821):

(a) A plan of development that includes:

(1) A report on the economic feasibility of the project and the availability of an adequate supply of water to thoroughly irrigate and reclaim the lands to raise ordinary agricultural crops.

(2) Procedures for avoiding or mitigating adverse environmental impacts and for rehabilitation of the lands if all or part of the project fails.

(3) A map in sufficient detail to show the proposed major irrigation works and the lands to be irrigated. Map material and dimensions shall be as prescribed by the authorized officer and shall be drawn to a scale not greater than 1,000 feet to 1 inch. The map shall connect canals, pipelines larger than 8 inches in diameter, reservoirs and other major facilities in relationship to public survey lines or corners, where present. The map shall show other data as needed to enable retracement of the proposed major irrigation works on the ground. The engineer who prepared the map shall certify that the system depicted therein is accurately and fully represented and that the system proposed is sufficient to fully reclaim the lands.

(4) Additional data concerning the specifics of the plan and its feasibility as required by the authorized officer.

(b) A grant contract in a form prescribed by the Director, Bureau of Land Management, in duplicate, signed by the authorized State official, shall also be filed. A carbon copy of the contract shall not be accepted. The person who signs the contract on behalf of the State shall furnish evidence of his/her authority to do so. The contract shall obligate the State to all terms and conditions of the Act and all specifications of the approved plan, and shall obligate the United States to issue patents to the State upon actual reclamation of the lands according to the plan or to settlers who are its assignees, as provided in subpart 2093 of this title.