Title 43

SECTION 2610.0-8

2610.0-8 Lands subject to application.

§ 2610.0-8 Lands subject to application.

(a) The lands shall be unreclaimed desert lands capable of producing ordinary agricultural crops by irrigation.

(b) The lands shall be nonmineral, except that lands withdrawn, classified or valuable for coal, phosphate, nitrate, potash, sodium, sulphur, oil, gas or asphaltic minerals may be applied for subject to a reservation of such deposit, as explained in subpart 2093 of this title.

(c) Lands embraced in mineral permits of leases, or in applications for such permits or leases, or classified, withdrawn or reported as valuable for any leasable mineral, or lying within the geologic structure of a field are subject to the provisions of §§ 2093.0-3 through 2093.0-7 of this title.

(d) A project or individual entry may consist of 2 or more noncontiguous parcels. However, noncontiguous lands should be in a pattern compact enough to be managed as an efficient, economic unit.