Title 43

SECTION 2546.3

2546.3 Payment and publication.

§ 2546.3 Payment and publication.

(a) Before lands may be sold to a qualified preference-right claimant, the claimant will be required to pay the purchase price of the lands and will be required to publish once a week for four consecutive weeks, at his expense, in a designated newspaper and in a designated form, a notice allowing all persons having objections to file with the Authorizing officer of the State Office at Boise, Idaho, their objections to issuance of patent to the claimant. A protestant must serve on the claimant a copy of the objections and must furnish the Authorizing officer with evidence of such service.

(b) Among other things, the notice will describe the lands to be patented, state the purchase price for the lands and the reservations, if any, to be included in the patent to preserve public recreational values in the lands.

(c) The claimant must file a statement of the publisher, accompanied by a copy of the notice published, showing that publication has been had for the required time.