Title 43

SECTION 2546.2

2546.2 Applications for purchase.

§ 2546.2 Applications for purchase.

(a) All citizens who file a notice of intention in accordance with § 2546.1 within the time period specified in the published notice or any amendment thereof will be granted by the authorized officer a period of time not less than 30 days in duration in which to file, in duplicate with the Authorizing officer of the Boise State Office, their applications to purchase lands as preference-right claimants.

(b) Every application must be accompanied by a filing fee of $10, which is not returnable.

(c) No particular form is required but the applications must be typewritten or in legible handwriting and must contain the following information:

(1) The name and post office address of the claimant.

(2) The description and acreage of the public lands claimed or desired.

(3) The description of the lands owned by the applicant, if any, adjoining the public lands claimed or desired accompanied by a certificate from the proper county official or by an abstractor or by an attorney showing the date of acquisition of the lands by the applicant and that the applicant owns the lands in fee simple as of the date of application.

(4) A statement showing that the claimant is a citizen of the United States, as defined in paragraph (4) of § 2540.0-3(f).

(5) A statement giving the basis for color of title or claim of riparian ownership.

(6) A statement showing the improvements, if any, placed on the public lands applied for including their location, nature, present value, date of installation, and the names of the person or persons who installed them.

(7) A statement showing the cultivation and occupancy, if any, of the lands applied for, including the nature, location, and date of such cultivation and occupancy.

(8) The names and post office addresses of any adverse claimants, settlers, or occupants of the public lands claimed.

(9) The names and addresses of at least two disinterested persons having knowledge of the facts relating to the applicant's claim.

(10) A citation of the Act under which the application is made.