Title 43

SECTION 2544.1

2544.1 Applications.

§ 2544.1 Applications.

(a) Applications to purchase under the Act of February 19, 1925, must be signed by the applicant in the State of Louisiana. Such applications had to be filed within 90 days from the passage of this act, if the lands had been surveyed and plats filed, otherwise they must be filed within 90 days from the filing of such plat. The applicant must show that he is either a native-born or a naturalized citizen of the United States, and, if naturalized, file record evidence thereof; must describe the land which he desires to purchase, together with the land claimed as the basis of his preference right to the lands applied for it he applies as a riparian owner, or if claiming otherwise, under what color of the title his claim is based; in other words, a complete history of the claim, and that the lands applied for are not lawfully appropriated by a qualified settler or entryman under the public land laws, nor in the legal possession of any adverse applicant; the kind, character, and value of the improvements on the land covered by the application; when they were placed thereon; the extent of the cultivation, if any, and how long continued. Such application must be supported by the statement of at least two persons having personal knowledge of the facts alleged in the application.

(b) All applications to purchase under the act must be accompanied by an application service fee of $10 which will not be returnable.