Title 43

SECTION 2543.4

2543.4 Publication and posting.

§ 2543.4 Publication and posting.

Upon payment of the appraised price a notice of publication will be issued. Such notice shall be published at the expense of the applicant in a designated newspaper of general circulation in the vicinity of the lands once a week for five consecutive weeks immediately prior to the date of sale, but a sufficient time should elapse between the date of last publication and date of sale to enable the statement of the publisher to be filed. The notice will advise all persons claiming adversely to the applicant that they should file any objections or protests against the allowance of the application within the period of publication, otherwise the application may be allowed. Any objections or protests must be corroborated, and a copy thereof served upon the applicant. The Bureau of Land Management will cause a notice similar to the notice for publication to be posted in such office, during the entire period of publication. The publisher of the newspaper must file in the Bureau of Land Management prior to the date fixed by the sale evidence that publication has been had for the required period, which evidence must consist of the statement of the publisher, accompanied by a copy of the notice published.