Title 43

SECTION 2542.3

2542.3 Publication and posting of notice.

§ 2542.3 Publication and posting of notice.

(a) If upon consideration of the application it is determined that the applicant is entitled to purchase the land applied for, the applicant will be required to publish notice of the application in a newspaper of general circulation in the county wherein the land applied for is situated. Notice for publication shall be issued in the following form:

Land Office, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Notice is hereby given that ____________ (Name of applicant) of _______________ (Address) has filed application _________________ (Number and land office) under the Act of February 23, 1932 (47 Stat. 53), to purchase _____________________ (Land) Sec.___, T.___, R.___, ______ Mer., claiming under ______ (Ground of claim).

The purpose of this notice is to allow all persons having bona fide objection to the proposed purchase, an opportunity to file their protests in this office on or before

(Date) (Manager)

(b) The notice shall be published at the expense of the applicant and such publication shall be made once each week for a period of five consecutive weeks. A copy of the notice will be posted in the proper office during the entire period of publication. The applicant must file evidence showing that publication has been had for the required time, which evidence must consist of the statement of the publisher, accompanied by a copy of the notice as published.