Title 43

SECTION 2542.2

2542.2 Evidence required.

§ 2542.2 Evidence required.

(a) Citizenship. The applicant must furnish a statement showing whether such applicant is a native-born or naturalized citizen of the United States. In the event an applicant is a naturalized citizen, the statement should show the date of the alleged naturalization or declaration of intention, the title and location of the court in which instituted, and when available, the number of the document in question, if the proceeding has been had since September 26, 1906. In addition, in cases of naturalization prior to September 27, 1906, there should be given the date and place of the applicant's birth and the foreign country of which the applicant was a citizen or subject. In case the applicant is a corporation, a certified copy of the articles of incorporation should be filed.

(b) Acreage claimed. The applicant in the statement required under paragraph (a) of this section must show that the land claimed is not a part of a claim which embraced more than 160 acres on February 23, 1932. If the land claimed is part of a claim containing more than 160 acres, a full disclosure of all facts concerning the larger claim must be furnished.