Title 43

SECTION 2541.2

2541.2 Procedures.

§ 2541.2 Procedures.

(a) Application. (1) An application for a claim of class 1 or of class 2 must be filed in duplicate on a form approved by the Director. It must be filed in accordance with the provisions of § 1821.2 of this chapter.

(2) Every application must be accompanied by a filing fee of $10, which will be nonreturnable.

(3) The application must be in typewritten form, or in legible handwriting, and it must be completely executed and signed by the applicant.

(4) Every applicant must furnish information required in the application form concerning improvements, cultivation, conveyances of title, taxes, and related matters.

(b) Description of lands applied for. Application under the act may be made for surveyed or unsurveyed lands. If unsurveyed, the description must be sufficiently complete to identify the location, boundary, and area of the land and, if possible, the approximate description or location of the land by section, township, and range. If unsurveyed land is claimed, final action will be suspended until the plat of survey has been officially filed.

(c) Presentation and verification of factual statements. (1) Information relating to all record and nonrecord conveyances, or to nonrecord claims of title, affecting the land shall be itemized on a form approved by the Director. The statements of record conveyances must be certified by the proper county official or by an abstractor. The applicant may be called upon to submit documentary or other evidence relating to conveyances or claims. Abstracts of title or other documents which are so requested will be returned to the applicant.

(2) Applicants for claims of class 2 must itemize all information relating to tax levies and payments on the land on a form approved by the Director which must be certified by the proper county official or by an abstractor.