Title 43

SECTION 2532.2

2532.2 Trust patent.

§ 2532.2 Trust patent.

(a) To enable an Indian allottee to demonstrate his good faith and intention, the issuance of trust patent will be suspended for a period of 2 years from date of settlement; but in those cases where that period has already elapsed at the time of adjudicating the allotment application, and when the evidence either by the record or upon further investigation in the field, shows the allottee's good faith and intention in the matter of his settlement, trust patents will issue in regular course. Trust patents in the suspended class, when issued will run from the date of suspension.

(b) In the matter of fourth-section applications filed prior to the regulations in this part, where, by the record or upon further investigation in the field, it appears that such settlement has not been made as is contemplated by the regulations, such applications will not be immediately rejected, but the applicant will be informed that 2 years will be allowed within which to perfect his settlement and to furnish proof thereof, whereupon his application will be adjudicated as in other cases.

[35 FR 9591, June 13, 1970]